Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andrew, Day 2

So technically this was still Andrew's first 24 hours, or day 1, but it was kind of our second day at the hospital, although we only had to stay for 24 hours ourselves (a fact which thrilled me. I don't know how anyone can ever recover in a hospital, what with all the poking and the prodding). After breakfast, we took a shower and were finally moved to a recovery room. Dave went home to get Grandma and the girls for a visit:

The girls seemed to like Andrew well enough, but after Maddie got restless, we turned on PBS, and they became much more interested in watching TV:

After about an hour, we sent them home again, and spent the afternoon making sure all of the necessary paperwork was getting started so we could leave. Around 9 pm, they took Andrew for his PKU test (which has to be performed at 24 hours old), and then they let us go home. The requisite "car seat" shots:

We arrived home a litle before 10 pm, exhausted. But it's better to not sleep in your own bed than in a hospital bed.


Shelly said...

Congratulations!! He's adorable and you are brave for hiking in Texas in July.

K said...

I keep meaning to tell you congratulations! Andrew is adorable! I am very happy for you guys! I hope you are fully recovered from childbirth now. Good luck being a mom of 3! (o: BTW, you have amazing taste in picking good solid names for your kids. (it had to be said, right (o:)