Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emma's 4th Birthday

Emma requested a Princess party (surprise, surprise) for her 4th birthday, and I was happy to oblige. I was not feeling as creative as last year, but she had fun and thought it was great nonetheless. We invited her friends from church over for games, lunch, and of course, cupcakes.
They made crowns:

We pinned the crown on the princess:

Played a little musical "thrones":

Opened some presents:

Had pizza for lunch:

Madeline amused herself by trying on the guests' shoes. (Perhaps her favorite princess is Cinderella???)

We also had a princess pinata:

We ended the party by storming the castle:

Emma has sweet little friends and we were glad they were able to come celebrate with us.


The Silly Witch said...

Emma is completely adorable. All the girls are. They look like they had a fabulous time.

Laura said...

My favorite part is that every single child--princess garb or not--is wearing pink.

Jenny said...

A) I love the picture of them all against the wall.

B) This is not creative?!!? Please - so creative!

lisa said...

Love it!

Lisa said...

So great! We weren't as ambitious this year either... I convinced Mia to have a family party with mini golfing and do a friends party again next year. haha. I had a dream that I babysat your kids last night.... these crazy pregnancy dreams! haha

Sarah H said...

What a fun party!