Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emma's Birthday: The Details

I started researching birthday party ideas about 2 months before the actual event. I chose ladybugs because it was cute, classic, non-commercial, and there was a clear color scheme to tie everything together. I had a lot of fun putting together the details and decorative touches.

Things to remember:
*I gave prizes (to everyone) after each game, which each child put into a bag that became the "goody" bag. I thought it was a great idea, and it might be for older children, but three-year-olds can't keep track of their own bags. Plus they had so much fun playing the games that it didn't really matter about prizes. Next time I would keep all prizes for the end.
*Loved these tissue paper pom-poms from Martha. They could work at almost any kind of party.
*Party games! We played classics that I remembered from the backyard birthday parties my mom used to throw for us. Frankly, I could probably play a version of the same games for the next 6 or 7 years.
*I kept a party notebook for ideas and kept internet links on xerpi. I am going to keep that notebook to replicate ideas for future parties.
*I made a schedule for the party and posted it in the kitchen to help myself remember everything in the midst of the controlled chaos. You need to keep toddlers moving!


Amberly said...

this looks so darling, jess! keep doing stuff like this so I can copy it when it's seneca's turn!

Lulu said...

So cute! I love the ladybug theme! all the decorations and ideas look great.
happy bday emma!

DC Diva said...

CUTE details! Love those cupcakes and party bags!

Maile said...

I love it all!! I find I do the variations of the same games every time I have a kids party. Change the theme and it becomes totally new for kids.

I've never heard of xerpi. It looks like something I could use a lot.

Shelly said...

I love it! Too bad they don't have a "manbug" or I could do a good boy/girl party with it.

Oertel said...

So cute! In kindergarten I was a soloist in our school play: Lana Ladybug. Oh yeah. :) Love it! And you!

mistieleigh said...

I am very impressed. I love planning parties like this. It is a huge stress though. So, nice that you got things organized for next time! Seneka's 1st bday was ladybug themed as well. Anyway, your girls are adorable!