Friday, November 6, 2009

Madeline: 6 Months

Madeline turned 6 months old about 10 days ago. (Why oh why am I always late doing this??? I swear I don't love her any less than the first. I just have less time. :)

Weight: 12.4 lbs (2%)
Height: 26 inches (61%)
Head: 15.5 inches (1%)
Madeline's supermodel ways continue, and she is slowly falling off the charts in weight. The doctor assures me she's growing perfectly on her growth curve, which is more petite than most, and is not worried at all. Not that I am either--I just wish her pants would stay up! Her head is tiny, about the size of a grapefruit.
What she's been up to lately:
*Chewing, chewing, chewing. She eats anything she can get her hands on, and has a preference for paper and socks.
*She has also started "solid" foods. (An entire post coming on this, as soon as I can figure out how to download videos from the video camera to the new computer). Like most people, she loves her some carbs, fruits (pears, applesauce, peaches, banana), and can do without the vegetables I've tried to stuff in her. She has a delicate appetite, and if I don't time it just right she won't eat anything at all. She still nurses like a champ, though we're trying to cut back on that just a bit and get going on solids.
*She "talks" whenever she isn't chewing on something, which admittedly is not all that often, but often enough that we've noticed it and think it's cute. My favorite is when I bring her downstairs in the morning: she sees her Dad and big sister, smiles wide, and makes a little satisfied, happy "humph" sound. It's adorable.
*Maddie's favorite hobby is to lay on the floor rolling, playing, chewing. It works for me! She can move around the majority of the family room, but has yet to venture further afield. A change this month is that instead of moving randomly, she moves very deliberately when she sees something she wants. It makes us very careful of what we leave out!
*Her legs are almost ALWAYS moving, even when she's asleep!
*Madeline has been working out her abs. She sort of sits independently, if you count independently as 30 seconds or less. In the bathtub I have a sling I usually lay her on, and lately she's been bending her body in a V shape so her legs and her head are in the air.
*If Emma is our drama queen, then Maddie is our mellow girl. She sleeps well, eats well, and is happy being dragged wherever we take her.
We love our little lady, and can't believe it's been six months already!


John, Lisa, Mia and Norah said...

That's so funny that your 6 month old weighs just a few ounces more than my 6 week old!! Haha!! She's beautiful!

Jenny said...

Love the "working out her abs!"

And she is a skinny minny!!