Monday, September 14, 2009

Vacation Flashback: San Fransisco

Way back at the end of July we went to California to go to the beach with Dave's family and see his grandparents. We spent a day in San Fransisco with Grandpoppy and Uncle Matt. We started the day at Pier 39. Dave showing Emma the sea lions. She was a little afraid at first, but after some coaching by Grandpoppy, she decided she loved them. "Art, Art" has become her new favorite animal sound. Emma and Grandpoppy looking for sea lions in the bay. Looking down at Maddie, huddled in the bottom of the stroller. Uncle Matt was nice enough to take Emma on the carousel. Emma even liked dead sea lions. Kern boys. It's not San Fransisco without crab for lunch! Emma enjoyed the view more than the food. Maddie the super-traveler. We dragged her around town and she was happy as could be, falling asleep at the most opportune times (such as at our next stop, the King Tut exhibit). Believe it or not, this was Emma's second time seeing King Tut in her two short years. Next it was on to Ghirardelli Square. It is a sad, sad omission that I didn't get a picture of my Midnight Delight sundae. Sigh. A thousand calories of pure bliss. It was a lovely, jam-packed day that ended like this:

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The Roberts' Report said...

Why am I not surprised Em liked the view better then the food? :) I'm glad you guys had a great time. What a fun trip!