Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vacation Flashback: Monterey Bay Aquarium

We love the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it was the perfect outing one morning before the fog burned off the beach. It was espeically fun to go with cousin Kate--she and Emma are only 3 weeks apart, and they are finally old enough to really have a good time together.

Emma and Grandpoppy learn about waves.

Amy and Kate check out the touch pool. (Emma would have nothing to do with it.)

Emma and Kate playing with boats.

Emma shows off her gymnastics moves on the water trampoline.

Grandpoppy and Madeline.

Emma and Kate busy playing with some fish.

Can you find the seals?


Becca said...

I love Monterey Bay! Such a fun place. A water trampoline?? Wow! That sounds fun!

Emily said...

That is a great aquarium. My sister used to live in that area. I actually like the beach when it's colder like that. We went once on the 4th of July and actually had to wear jackets. Looks like you had a great vacation!!