Monday, July 2, 2007

Random Saturday

We had a pretty mellow weekend. We've had a few guests lately so we spent Saturday at home being lazy, and Sunday we went to church and then Emma went crazy. We restorted to taking her swimming to calm her down (she likes to splash and tries to drink the water like a dog). She was WAAAY overtired after staying up late Saturday night, waking up early on Sunday and missing naps during church.

The pictures are from Saturday night. We made applesauce for Emma (Dave so kindly cut the apples for me) and Emma and I danced around the kitchen, one of her new favorite activities.


Jenny said...

So cute! I was supposed to help my sis-in-law make baby food when I was visiting, but I didn't get the chance. :(

I did recently watch Baby Boom (TiVo randomly recorded it) and kept thinking of your post where you mentioned it.

erin said...

So cute! She looks like so much fun! Her hair is growing too! Yeah! Pigtails are in your future! I have to clip Brianna's hair back every time she eats...otherwise she rubs all of her food in her hair. Yuck! That requires 3 baths a day...and I can't do that!

The Silly Witch said...

I love it. I know our most precious moments often happen in our own home.