Sunday, April 1, 2007

Why I Hate Hollywood

This weekend the Netflix fairy brought "Stranger Than Fiction." I remember seeing the previews last fall and thinking (for the first time in a long time) that I actually wanted to pay $10 to see it in the theater. But it came out the week Emma was born, so I had to wait for the DVD.

It did not disappoint. The storyline is funny and poignant, and quite possibly the most original thing to come out of the film industry in decades. Will Ferrell's character was completely endearing. The ending was a nice twist, and in semi-"Napoleon Dynamite" fashion, brought a deeper meaning to the rest of the story. Fabulous--Dave and I BOTH loved it.

Except. (You knew this was coming, didn't you?) There is one scene in the movie where Will Ferrell's character is talking to Dustin Hoffman's character, and in the background is a locker room scene where there are naked men showering. It has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation, but some moron decided to stage the scene there. And I ask: If they HAD to use the locker room, couldn't they just use the plain lockers as a background? Or bathroom stalls with doors closed?

Now, to be fair, the movie wasn't completely clean. There was another conversation at urinals, a few choice words, and I believe 2 bedroom scenes where there was making out while fully clothed (hinting at other things, of course). But the locker room showers in the background just really got me. WHY? I loved everything else about this movie, but this scene almost ruins it for me. Too bad "Clean Flicks" isn't around anymore.

Which brings me to my point: I hate Hollywood. Even in otherwise good movies, they have to sneak in junk like this. It's absolutely ridiculous and apalling to me. I suppose that's why I stopped going to movies in the first place, but obviously enough people still go to keep it going strong. So I will keep my $10 and the $20 I might have spent on the DVD and go buy a new book. Take that, Babylon!

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Sarah said...

Okay so two thoughts
1) There is a company just like clean flix that is still around, they just haven't been sued because they are much smaller. It's in Utah somewhere.

2) Get Clear Play! I totally want Clear Play. It's software in a DVD player that knows where the swearing, violence, etc is. and skips it. It plays a lot more seemlessly and smoothly than clean flicks did. They have different payment deals where you can download more recent movies too. And it doesn't alter the actual DVD so it's legal. You can change the settings on the DVD player for how much violence, sex, swearing, etc that you will allow. Okay, this is a really LONG comment, so I'll stop now.