Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stop it, Al Gore!

We have a theory in our house that every time Al Gore starts talking about global warming, the temperature drops 30 degrees. March was quite lovely (see our post on the zoo), but ever since a UN report on global warming came out at the beginning of the month, April has been a bust. Now, I've been in the northeast long enough to know that bad weather happens. But as my mom pointed out yesterday, usually bad days are followed by good days. I keep watching the news everyday in the hope that at the end of the five-day forecast, there will be a sign of sun. Alas, I am still waiting. Give us a break, Al, it's the middle of April! If global warming is happening, bring it on!
PS. I don't think the pictures gives the full effect: imagine crazy winds and you've got it. At least the temperature is 5 degrees above freezing so it's rain instead of snow.

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Amberly said...

You can come visit... it's nice and sunny out here! Hopefully you can put away the winter coats and hats soon. So sorry about the Gore curse!