Thursday, August 30, 2012

Disney, Day 3: Magic Kingdom, With Princesses

On Thursday, May 10th we headed to the Magic Kingdom again. This time we had an appointment at the castle for a late breakfast. But we arrived early (because, let's face it, we are early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of people, and we were at Disney! We can sleep when we're dead!) and started with some pictures of the castle.

Tinkerbell showed up!
 We spent an hour or two going on rides in Fantasyland before our 10 am breakfast. On the way, to the castle, Andrew fell asleep.

Meeting Cinderella, our host. See Andrew totally out??

 While the girls were busy chatting up princesses, this is what Andrew was doing:
 Yes, I put my baby in a corner. On the floor. But he was on a blanket. And he got a great nap! After our brunch, we met up with a dance party.

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