Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started off with the highly anticipated arrival of Grandpoppy, who wasted no time in saying hi to his newest grandbabies.

Then he had a date with the girls in the playroom. There were several rounds of "doctor" (wherein the actual doctor played the patient), followed by a parade.

After dinner, the kids put on their jammies and everyone gathered around the tree. We read the Christmas story, then opened one present--books for everyone!

The 'Consin Cousins introduced us to a new tradition: luminarias.

A couple of family pictures, then it was off to bed:


Amberly said...

that second picture looks like such a happy face! and denten is ready to invest in luminaria for our house next year... they look awesome!

Genevieve said...

so many fun christmas traditions! can i hope to be as fun as you with 3?? :) i love the idea of opening books on christmas eve instead of the jammies. super cute idea!