Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Summer Flashback: Nauvoo, Day 2

Thursday, July 29, was our second full day in Nauvoo. The boys went to the temple in the morning (so Dave's brother, who stayed home to babysit the previous day, could go), so Amy and I took the girls to play some pioneer games. Madeline loved the animals, even the fake ones:

Rachel was a bit more solemn about it:

Playing house:

Pioneer children also went to school:

And played games:

After lots of play, we headed over to Carthage, the site of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith.

After a full morning, it was time for lunch and naps. Later that afternoon we headed out to view some of the restored homes in Nauvoo. We started at the home and gun shop of Jonathan Browning, a relative of Dave's family:

We took Emma to the schoolhouse:

And the Brick Shop:

Since the little girls couldn't go inside the temple, we took them to the grounds:

These two girls were peas in a pod wherever they went:

That evening we went to the County Fair, held before the pageant. These two knuckleheads had to try the stick pull:

Amy and Tyler took on Matt and Dave in the sawing contest:

Emma made some crafts:

I went home and put the girls to bed. Dave went down to Parley Street to watch the sunset.

He also found the names of some relatives who didn't survive the crossing of the Mississippi when the Mormons had to leave Nauvoo in 1846:

It was a busy and varied day!

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Kallie and Josh said...

Wow this is amazing! And have I told you today how much I adore your girls! Maybe we can have Emma show our primary class some of the things she did there. Our next few lessons are about the pioneers and Nauvoo.