Thursday, October 8, 2009

Madeline: 5 Months

Baby Maddie is now a whopping 5 months old and is more fun by the hour. I love this stage--her personality is really starting to shine and she is an easy, happy baby.
**As evidenced by the previous entry, Madeline is now mobile. Luckily she has yet to venture out of the family room, so it's pretty easy to keep her safe.
**Maddie is very curious, and likes to investigate things by licking them. I don't mind this too much in the house, but when we go out in public, ick!
**She loves paper--crumpling it, eating it, usually a combination of the two.
**Frau Madeline speaks German. She has been practicing her gutteral sounds on us.
**She has discovered her feet, and apparently they are quite tasty.
**Madeline likes music--whenever she hears a particularly catchy tune, she cranes her head around, looking for the source of the music.
**She loves her new exersaucer, and enjoys when we stand her up.
**She is still happy to be dragged around, as long as she is either sitting up in the stroller or carried in the Baby Bjorn. She gets bored of her carseat.
**Maddie is still long and skinny--even the elastic size 3-6 months falls off her waist. I didn't notice this too much over the summer (probably because she spent so much time in onesies), but most of her pants fall down. It makes for easy diaper changes. :)
**It is getting hard to photograph her--all she wants to do is explore!


The Roberts' Report said...

Wow, I didn't realize how much older she looks now. No more baby. A lot less like Dave and more like a GIRL!! ;)

Naomi said...

She has grown so fast! She's a cutie!

Maile said...

I love how babies from 5 months on really do begin to develop their personalities more all the time. They get so fun!

Christina said...

What a doll! I can't believe it has been five months, she is sure growing up.

mistieleigh said...

WOW! crazy she is so mobile already. i love when their personalities start to shine through. Great idea to document each month like you...i like the paper next to her idea!

Nancy said...

pretty girl!

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

Thanks for the update. I continue to be amazed at how each of the four "Kern" granddaughters has so much individual personality. I look forward to spending more time with sweet Madeline! "Miss Maddie Lou..."
Aunt Amy