Monday, April 20, 2009

A First

First of all, no baby news whatsoever. D-day is tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure this kid will have to be smoked out like the last one, which my doctor promised to do on the 28th. So I'm sorry if you were expecting baby news.

Secondly, don't hate me. Especially if you've been to the doctor a lot this winter.

Today was Emma's first sick doctor visit EVER. She is a couple weeks shy of being 2 1/2. I am amazed we've been able to go this long.

Now, that doesn't mean that she's never been sick. She's had colds like every kid, but far fewer than the 8-12 colds kids are supposed to get a year. And I did call and talk to the nurse a couple of months ago when she caught a stomach bug, but it cleared up before we had to go in.

She's had a runny nose for at least 10 days. At first I thought it was just teething, as her molars are coming in and her nose runs like a faucet when she teethes. But 4 or 5 days ago she developed a cough, so I figured it was a cold until this weekend, when she started hacking like an old lady on the subway. I kept her home from church yesterday (which started a few rumors and led to at least 3 phone calls from people wondering if I was in labor) and took her in this morning. The verdict? She probably caught a second type of cold a few days ago. The doctor cleaned some gunk out of her ears and said that they *might* be infected, but don't look too bad yet. He was kind enough to give us a prescription if she gets worse. I love my pediatrician. Though I hope we can stay away from sick visits for a while. Perhaps it will be a good thing if this baby's late--we don't need a newborn catching an illness from her sibling in her very first week of life, after all.


K said...

That's AMAZING that you haven't had to bring Emma to the doctor before. Is it the fresh Dallas air that keeps her healthy? (o: We are totally moving there if anyone can promise less sickness for my kiddos!

I sure hope your baby comes really, really soon for your sake!

The Silly Witch said...

Hooray for healthy kids and good pediatricians! And smart mommies who feed their kids healthy foods. Come on, go ahead. You've got to take some of the credit. I hope all the sickness works it's way out before the baby does. Hang in there! Maybe you should post one last prego pic...

Lulu said...

Poor little Emma. Hope she start feeling better soon. I totally understand about taking her to her first sick visit. Nina has only gone into the doc sick twice. (She's 3 1/2)
Well, good luck, hope labor comes on by itself. And not while Emma is still sick.
Take care.

Jenny said...

Uh oh! Hope she's feeling better soon.

C'mon baby! We all want to see you!