Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jen's Wedding

My dear friend Jen married David Hatch on Saturday. Jen and I met in fall of 2000 during out junior year at BYU. We were both Writing Fellows (Writing Fellows were assigned to specific classes to improve writing across the disciplines--we had to attend class once a week and tutor 10-15 students at least twice during the semester). We bonded immediately and Jen was one of the first close friends I had in my major. We became running buddies and hung out a lot. Jen was arranging the perfect apartment for our senior year, and I was lucky enough to earn a spot in it. We both went to London that summer, though at different times--but she borrowed my raincoat so it got to go twice! Ah, how I miss Jen's closet. :) We were roommates for our senior year (along with Oertel and Laura) where we made countless fabulous memories and threw some great parties. We all went on to earn master's degrees and live in different parts of the country but continue to keep in touch, and Jen, Oertel, and I were even able to meet up in Chicago for a long weekend in 2005.

Jen gave us a great excuse to get together this summer. She met David two years ago while she was working as a librarian in the suburbs north of Chicago (David is getting his PhD in plasma physics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison). From the time she first told us about him we knew he was perfect for her and we couldn't be more thrilled about this match. There was an open house at her parents' home in Draper, Utah the night before where we got some great roommate pictures. Jen and David had to see all of their guests, of course, but Oertel, Laura, Laura's husband Tyler and I all had a great time catching up. (Tyler and my Dave were our 5th and 6th roommates). We tried to arrange a marriage between Emma and Laura and Tyler's son, Talmage, but neither of them seemed too interested. The ceremony was on Saturday at the Logan Temple. I drove up from Salt Lake to attend the luncheon beforehand and the ceremony, but I missed the reception that night (I'm sure that Chris and Kallee, who were watching Emma for me, thought 8 hours was MORE than enough). It was a delightful weekend and I'm really excited for Jen and David.

From left, Emma, me, Oertel, Jen, and David.

Emma and Talmage hang out at the open house.

From left, Tyler, Laura holding Talmage, me holding Emma, Oertel, Jen, David.

Laura and Talmage, Oertel, Jen, me holding Emma. Four roommates plus kids being silly.

It was a pleasant but windy day, and Jen lost her veil!

The happy couple reunited with the veil.

Oertel and I showing off the new dresses we got when we were supposed to be taking Jen out on Thursday.

Me, Jen, and Oertel.

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erin said...

Congrats to Jen! I remember some of your parties (the Harry Potter party and the Veggie Tales party in particular!) Those were so fun! Looks like you enjoyed your visit!